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The Challenge of Increasing Revenue

“Nothing happens until a sale is made.” An old adage perhaps; however, it has been proven time and again. Growing the top line of the business becomes more important as costs are controlled because more of the revenue will flow to the bottom line.

Revenue growth can be triggered externally by such events as an improving economy or demise of a competitor; or, internally via the introduction of a new product or service, an improved marketing program, etc. The trick is to gain maximum advantage of marketplace or good business thinking as they occur. This requires a thorough understanding of your markets and customers, a sound sales and marketing infrastructure, an innovative product development program and excellent customer service.

Often a temporary infusion of complementary skills, expertise or experience that your company does not have and does not need on a full-time, ongoing basis provides the added knowledge and resources to take full advantage of a revenue enhancement opportunity. Outside assistance can be focused on planning, diagnosing and solving root causes of revenue generation problems or providing a blueprint, coaching and management to transform existing organizations and processes.

Our success is measured by your success. The following is a list of different services across functional dimensions that can be mixed to provide that short-term expertise to help optimize your next growth period:

Product Planning and Management

● Product Planning

● Product Creation and Innovation

● Product Management

● Pricing

Channels and Strategies

● Channel Assessment

● Channel Management

● Marketing Strategy

● Advertising and Media Management

Marketing and Sales Infrastructure

● Organization Design

● Establishing and Managing a Sales Funnel

● Salesperson Compensation

Customer Relationship Management

● Customer Service

● Customer Intelligence

● Customer Communications

For specific examples of these services, please click - Illustrative Accomplishments

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