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The Challenge of Replacing Key “C”-level Executives or Upper-level Management

Occasionally, events will occur from time to time that indicate a need for full or part-time supplemental management expertise. These events could include:

● The temporary or permanent loss of a key executive due to retirement or life events. In response, the business may need a temporary replacement
   executive while the permanent replacement is being recruited and employed.
● Starting or growing a business. A new or growing business may need the skills and experience of one or more “professional” executives on a part-time
   basis until it can afford and recruit its own full-time management team members.
● Selling or substantially altering the ownership of a business. During a negotiation and management transition period the business’s key stakeholders
   may prefer to have an independent resource managing operations.
● Bankruptcy workout. Once the decision to liquidate is made many key management positions become vacant yet they need to be filled temporarily
   to enable a smooth wind-down of operations during the workout period and ensure asset value is not compromised.
● Initiation of a large-scale project. Some projects that are larger in scope than ones normally undertaken or which involve special expertise may require
   skills and experience that don’t exist or are in short supply at the company.

We have the required skills and experience available on a per hour or project basis to help companies respond to these events as follows.

Executive Rental/Leasing

● Temporary or extended executive assistance to operate a company, manage a project, fill in for a sick manager, staff vacant positions or provide
   on-demand, part-time executives for startup companies.

● Executive level position support includes CEO, COO, CFO, CIO and CTO.

Program and Project Management

● Program/project office development

● Methodology and Tool Selection and Use

● Planning and Control

● Scope, Task, Financial, Schedule, Resource and Risk management

● Team Building

● Issue Tracking and Resolution

● Quality Assurance

● Documentation Management

● Stakeholder Management

● Communications and Status Reporting

● Change management

● Benefits tracking

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