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The Challenge of Planning, Acquiring and Managing Information Systems

Today’s competitive businesses deploy Information Systems (IS) in every department to support every business function from the company’s value chain to the back-office. ISM includes hardware, software, telecommunications, methods, people and organization components. Within an ever-increasingly dynamic technological environment, each business must manage IS to maximize investments and achieve or maintain a competitive business advantage while ensuring their IS strategy is aligned with their business strategy and vision. ISM is not the business of most companies, so some companies consider outsourcing as an alternative to managing all or part of the IS functions and/or operations.

Having the right technology partner that brings the right person (or team of people) with the right skill(s) in the right place at the right time can be an essential component of successful IS management. Success is measured by the ability to meet objectives and deliver results. Our extensive IS experiences enables us to work with you to develop an overall IS strategy or to assist with a specific IS implementation project. The following list of IS Services can be mixed to provide special expertise and ensure that there is a proper transfer of knowledge and skills to meet the various business challenges.

Information Systems and Technology Strategy

● Business Vision and Mission Evaluation and Review

● Business and IT Strategy Alignment

● High-level Process and Data Analysis

● Business Function and Application Support Identification

● Business Case Development

● Technology Architecture Design

● Project Ranking and Selection

● Implementation Planning

Business Applications and Systems Assessment and Effectiveness

● Business Systems Effectiveness Review

● Business Related Technology Trends Evaluation and Review

● Vendor Agreements

● IT Process, Operations and Organization Review

● Technology Infrastructure Review

● Data Security Review

● Disaster Recovery Assessment

Application Software Evaluation and Implementation

● Functional Requirements Definition

● RFP Preparation

● Vendor Proposal Review and Evaluation

● Application Selection

● System Modifications

● Software Modifications and Systems Testing

● Process Flow Integration

● Training

● Implementation

● Program and Project Management

Application Systems Development and Implementation

● Functional Requirements Definition

● High-level Process Architecture

● Data Design

● Software Design

● Software Development

● Software and Systems Testing

● Process Flow Integration

● Training and Implementation

● Program and Project Management

Outsourcing Consulting

● Strategic and Tactical Development or Validation of the Processing and Support Approach/Solution

● Outsourced or Repatriated Service Identification

● Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

● Effective Service Level Agreements Formulation or Review

● Vendor Evaluation

Technology Transformation

● Technology and Organizational Management

● Migration Planning and Implementation including:

● Skill Identification

● Training Requirement Determination

● IT Process Redesign

● IT Organization Design and Staff Deployment or Redeployment

For specific examples of these services, please click - Illustrative Accomplishments

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