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Are you thinking about getting additional financing or selling your business? Do you want to greatly increase your chances of receiving favorable terms?

Finance providers want assurance their loan will be repaid with interest or their return on investment will be commensurate with the risk of providing the additional capital. Potential buyers want confidence that your company will provide the desired outcome of the purchase (product synergy, economies of scale, expanding customer base, etc.).

Conventional wisdom states you only get one opportunity with a prospective lender, investor or buyer; and, although counterintuitive, you should delay contacting a financial intermediary or business broker until you know your company is truly ready to be presented. It is far more preferable to have found and fixed any problems before anyone performs their due diligence than to try to explain any flaws and imperfections that are found. Therefore, when first presented, you need to ensure the organization, operations and financials are as good as they can be and are aligned with the company's business strategy and brand promise.

Whether your company is a start-up, at an early stage or is a successful, expanding business, you need capital to keep your business operating and growing. Reasons for raising capital are many and varied, such as: expanding day-to-day operations, financing an inventory build-up; developing and launching a new product; purchasing real estate or equipment; hiring additional employees; executing a marketing campaign; etc. Sources and types of capital vary too - public vs. private; debt vs. equity. While many businesses know they need additional capital, few have the in-house expertise needed to determine the correct sources, package the request, present the request and negotiate terms.

Since the need for in-house expertise is infrequent, often companies enlist the assistance of outside corporate finance professionals to identify financing sources, and attorneys and investment bankers to help structure and negotiate the transaction. While these experts understand the transaction, they usually do not understand the underlying business.

Wanting to finance or to sell your business and being ready to do it are very different. So, the question is: Are you ready?

We have prepared a brief 15-question Business Readiness Self-Assessment that should get you to consider your company's performance in key business functions. If after completing this assessment you are confident your company is a top performer in all of its activities, congratulations! Go get that additional capital or find your buyer. On the other hand, if you are unsure of one or more of the functions or would like verification of your own assessment, we are ready to help.

We will provide your management team with tools that can help recognize potential problem areas. Then, leveraging our proven skills, functional and industry experience, we will teach your management team how to identify and resolve any outstanding operational, financial and/or organizational issues prior to exposing them to outsiders. During this process your team will learn how to continually identify bottlenecks and maintain extraordinary execution. (((Business Problem Solving and Maximizing Profitability)))

Give us the opportunity to improve your chances with a prospective lender, investor or buyer. You have nothing to lose. There is no cost or obligation unless you agree:
   ●We can help;
   ●We are qualified to help; and
   ●The proposed help adds value.

Based on former professional associations with commercial banks, bank holding companies, venture investment firms and service providers, the following is a list of different capabilities that can be mixed to provide short-term expertise to meet the various challenges associated with raising capital and/or selling a part or all of your company:

Financing Organization and Preparation

● Business Organization and Development

● Business Plan Development, Enhancement and Reorganization

● Financial Modeling and Plan Development

● Business Valuation

Financing Facilitation

● Identification and acquisition of private equity, investment capital and other related types of financing through an extensive personal network of:
   high net worth individuals (Angels), Venture Capital firms, private equity firms, commercial banks, commercial finance companies,
   asset-based lenders, lease financing resources

● B-to-B financing and private equity transactions

● Assistance regarding investor presentations and vendor finance procedures

● Interest rate risk management

Special Situation Assistance

● Crisis Management

● Turnarounds

● Workouts

For specific examples of our services, please click -Illustrative Accomplishments

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